Expositor de Relojes Personalizados

A customized and comfortable luxury safe. That’s what we offer!

We design and manufacture customized luxury safes that adapt to your taste and needs, being also comfortable for its daily use. We know your watch and jewels collection is very valuable for you. Not only for the effort needed to obtain them, but also for the strong sentimental value they gain due to the passing of time.

Every watch may represent a period of your life or a good memory. And our job is to help you show this collection, that represents a lot for you, to your closest circles inside a comfortable, elegant and customized luxury safe.

Every detail counts: customize everything that comes up to your mind.


Cajas Fuertes Personalizadas


This is our strong point. Everything you can imagine around the design of your new luxury safe or safety cabinet can be studied in order to provide a totally customized piece.

Panels with pictures on the door, LED lights, internal customizable modules, internal drawers that adapt to different objects, watch winders, leather covered safes, glass door… possibilities are boundless.


Cajones Caja Fuerte Personalizada


URSUS: exclusive and customized luxury safes

Our URSUS luxury safes series are located in a point between traditional safes and luxury watches showcases. We like to say the safe is internally “alive” because the internal modules can be exchanged by the customer.


Ursus Expositor de Relojes


Where today you see a static watch support, tomorrow you can see a drawer. Watch winders can also be integrated: 12, 24 or 36 of them, depending on the model chosen (URSUS-S, URSUS-M or URSUS-L). The safe can also be completed with drawers that are manufactured to protect fountain pens, jewels or other valuable objects.

Moreover, they can also have internal LED lights, dehumidifier system or a fingerprint opening system with biometric lock; and even a manipulation alarm with GSM and mobile phone notifications. The safe includes a system to block the bolts in case of door damaging.

We manufacture our luxury safes according to the EN 1143-1 rule with or without homologation test (NG- Non Grade or GIII- Grade 3), depending on our customer’s criteria and their insurance companies.