Watch Winders cabinet: the best possible protector for your watches

Automatic watches require periodic maintenance tasks so that they do not have technical problems and continue working perfectly. That is why we want to show you the Armando-G Watch Winders Cabinets. But … What is a Watch Winder?

The Watch Winder is a case with a rotor specially designed to safeguard and wind your automatic watches daily. In addition, in Armando-G we personalize them and adapt them to our safes, to combine their incredible aesthetics with the security that all our safes will provide.

Glass Tube Urban: a luxurious and exclusive watch cabinet with space for 8 watches 

Glass Tube Urban

Glass Tube Urban is an innovative watch cabinet designed and manufactured by Armando-G, in which you can place up to 8 Watch Winders for your automatic watches. The watch cabinet has 8 modules, which can also be customized with drawers and different exterior finishes. This model will undoubtedly become the best friend of your automatic watches and it will be the best way to show them to your circle of friends without taking any risk.

Performance of these new watch cabinets for your automatic watches 

Its interior is lined with black velvet type, both classic and elegant. As for its technical features, we are in front of a Watch Winders cabinet that has a security key lock, along with an elegant shield that hides it and can be personalized with your initials. It also has a LED lighting system inside, as well as the possibility of configuring it internally with different compositions, such as watch winder, static supports without turning for non-automatic watches, and practical drawers that will be used to store jewelry.

Regarding the exteriors, they can be chosen in leather or lacquered. The first are in premium leather and different colors available: BLL-Black (standard), BRL-Brown, CAL-Camel, GRL-Green and REL-Red.

In the second case, we offer an intense gloss lacquer, also with different colors available: DS-Diamant Schwarz (standard), RL-Rosso Corsa, WI-White Island, AS-Aluminum Silver and GM-Gold Metallized. Ask for information without any commitment!