A luxurious display cabinet for 8 watches; handcrafted and custom-made to create a unique piece for every client

Today, we are proud to present our 8 watch display cabinet: Glass Tube 8.0. At first sight, our watch cabinet  bears a resemblance to a sleek, state-of the art loudspeaker, but its function as a watch winder safe allows you to display and safeguard your watch collection with complete peace of mind.

Each and every watch display cabinet is crafted by hand, which allows us to personalise the design and many details to create a unique and custom-made piece for each of our clients.

The modules are very versatile and can hold up to 8 watch winders, which is a special mechanism to wind automatic watches. This means that your watches are always fully wound and ready to wear, which also preserves your treasured timepiece by keeping it running while not in use.

Another of the strengths of the TUBE range is found in its sophisticated and detailed aesthetics, as well as in its elegant and personalized choice of finish.

8 watch winder safe

In a nutshell, it is a watch winder safe designed to be put on display, be it on an item of furniture or hanging on a wall as a decorative feature in your living room. It would be such a shame to hide your treasured timepieces; showcase them and share your passion for watches. 

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8 watch winder safe

Finish and technical aspects of the TUBE 8.0 model

You can choose and personalise both the interior and exterior finish on our multiple watch winder box to create a unique piece.

In a standard model, the interior is lined with a black velvet-type fabric.  However, there are a range of colours to choose from.  Likewise, the most common combination in 8 watch winders is 7 +1: 7 automatic winders and 1 drawer to store accessories or jewellery in the lower module. We must also mention that, if a client wishes, we can install a LED lighting system.

The exterior can be finished in top-quality leather or, if you prefer, a high-gloss lacquer. 

For a leather finish, you can choose from a wide range of colours:

  • BLL-Black (standard)

  • BRL-Brown

  • CAL-Camel

  • GRLGreen

  • REL-Red

And for a high gloss lacquer finish, these are the shades of choice:

  • DS-Diamant Schwarz (standard)

  • RL-Rosso Corsa

  • WI-White Island

  • AS-Aluminium Silver and GM-Gold Metallized

What’s more, we can personalise the lock with your initials, and every box is equipped with a vanity mirror behind the door.  Without a shadow of a doubt, our 8 watch winder box is unique, and once it personalised by you and for you, it becomes one of a kind. 

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The TUBE range has more to offer

The TUBE collection is not limited to an 8 watch winder, there are a range of options depending on the number of treasured timepieces you have.  

We have 3 different models in our range to protect and display 4, 8, or 16 watches. All of these models can be custom-built and designed to add your personal touch:

Tube 4.0
Tube 8.0
Tube 8.8

Our entire range can be equipped with URSUS, a luxury safe that comes with a long list of safety features, and can be crafted by hand to adapt to your taste.

URSUS: a luxury safe for your watch

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If you have any questions about our 8 watch winder or any of our watch winder safes, please get in touch with us. Whatever the query, be it technical or design-related, we would love to help. Your watches are our priority.

Contact us for direct and personalised advice. You can call us at +34 93 636 14 16, send an email to info@armando-g.com, or fill in a form you can find on this website.

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