¿What is the best safe for 12 watches?

Are you looking for a box for 12 luxury watches? Do you want to keep them as if they were a real treasure? Then you are probably interested to know that Armando-G is an exclusive company considered the best in safes for watches and displays.

We have four lines of safes that adapt to the needs of the client. For this reason, it is important to contact Armando-G and our team members will help you clear up any questions and design the box to your liking.

Armando-G watch cases are handmade. The cabinets and displays that we manufacture embellish the most exclusive watches, which have a precious value for those who buy them. We make our safes based on four principles: modernity, aesthetics, comfort and security.

If what you need is a box for 12 watches that, in turn, has elegance and luxury to adorn an environment, the Armando-G URSUS line is the most suitable for you. 


 Box for 12 watches
Discover the URSUS line

In the URSUS line you will find the best box for 12 watches

Below, we present the URSUS line by Armando-G. We will take care of turning the watch box or display case you choose from this collection into a unique and exclusive product on the market. The boxes for watches of the URSUS line are characterized by being a multipurpose object, designed to your preference, in which you will be able to appreciate the delicacy and the unique details of the craftsmanship.

¿What capacity does URSUS have?

A URSUS case can contain up to 12, 24 or 36 SwissKubik automatic winding watch winders. Which also means that it has high and low drawers placed in the cells that allow you to store objects that you consider valuable and that you think need to be taken care of.

 Box for 12 watches

The main features of URSUS

It should be noted that this safe, if desired, may have LED lighting, with a sensor on its door that will facilitate its use, managed by a remote control.

In addition, you can count on a dehumidifying heat device. 

It is important to know that the Armando-G safes are not only used to safeguard objects, but also to preserve their condition over the years, and optimize their use.

On the other hand, to add an even more personalized design, you will have the possibility of opening the URSUS line watch safe with a fingerprint.


¿How do you want your URSUS safe to be?

The internal part of the box may be lined with eco-leather, that is, a leather that is reconstituted or synthetic that is made up of fibers and striped leather. Also, if you wish, your design can go not only in leather but also in wood or in a lacquered metallic finish. 

Armando-G manufactures the safes following the European standard EN 1143-1 with or without approval test (NG-No Grade, GIII-Grade 3) depending on the needs and criteria of our customers.

¿What are the three models of the Armando-G URSUS line?

 The URSUS line has three models depending on the capacity you need to keep your watches.


    is a safe that offers a capacity of up to 12 SwissKubiK automatic winding watch winders for wristwatches. It is made clear that only 8 are visible behind the safety glass.


    is a safe that has a capacity to store up to 24 SwissKubiK automatic winding watch winders for wristwatches. This model only makes 20 visible, behind the safety glass.


    is a safe that has a capacity to hold up to 36 SwissKubiK automatic winding watch winders for wristwatches, but only 30 are visible behind the safety glass.

More models of safes

In Armando-G you will find your perfect box for 12 watches

If you are interested in the products of the URSUS line, we inform you that Armando-G carefully ships its safes to any part of the world. So, we can deliver your 12-watch box anywhere on the planet. 

Contact us by calling +34 93 636 14 16 or write to us at info@armando-g.com

Our team is ready to build a custom safe for you.

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