BRUTUS—Luxury watch Safe

A luxurious and perfect safe for storing watches in its Watch Winders

With BRUTUS, we present a line of watch safes made exclusively for storing your watches with your watch winders AG or automatic watch winders.

This is the most basic line of our catalogue, conceived and designed to efficiently store your watches in automatic winding mechanisms, in a practical and comfortable way as well as safe.

You will be able to do so with total confidence, having all your watches at your disposal whenever you need them, always ready and waiting to be used. Specifically, in our catalogue of the BRUTUS Series, we have three different models, one for storing up to 6 watches, another for storing up to 12 watches and another for storing up to 24 watches.

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watch safe
watch safe

Brutus interiors and other accessories

On the other hand, the interiors of the BRUTUS Series cases are finished in black velvet-like fabric and the exterior is painted in Off Black (dark grey).

The installed watch winders modules also stand out, which are covered on the front with top quality leather, in black and with thread edging and stitching that give them a beautiful and exclusive image.

BRUTUS also has some complementary elements that make it an even more advanced and careful case, such as a high-security electronic lock and a practical courtesy mirror on the door. It is important to finish by mentioning that it is made of fire-resistant steel.

Technical specifications

  • Our BRUTUS Series enclosures are always made of steel. 

  • Homologated with fire resistance.

  • Always internally lined with black velvet type fabric.

  • Exterior finish painted in Off Black (dark grey).

  • Electronic locking as standard. 

  • Courtesy mirror on the inside of the door.

  • Can also be used as a luxury safe, as automatic wind-up chargers are optional.

watch safe

Technical Details

watch safe

However, deciding on one of our safe models is not so easy. If you would like to receive personalised advice and answer any questions you may have, all you have to do is contact us through one of our usual communication channels. You can do so by calling 93 636 14 16, sending an email to or by taking a few seconds to complete the following form.

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