The combination of Design, Practicality and Security.


INFINITY is a practical metal cabinets collection designed to be placed under our URSUS safes to form complete units that are very practical for the storage of watchcases, packaging and other watch and jewellery accessories. Moreover, it is an important complement that helps to support the weight of our luxury safes, like URSUS. With INFINITY, it will be easier to anchor your safe to the wall.

INFINITY is an additional space that is always necessary and that integrates perfectly with URSUS.
Its modular concept allows for coupling according to space requirements. Each unit is fitted inside with two height-adjustable shelves; and on the outside a retractable tray support can be used to safely place items when packing or unpacking from your luxury safe. This retractable tray support is located between URSUS safe and INFINITY. All units are internally lined with black velvet type. Externally with a high gloss lacquer or high quality leather available in different colours.


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Two jewels are better than one.


AG.ww is a brand that designs and manufactures high quality watch winders in Barcelona. The company has been selected by some of the best watch brands paying tribute to the modern, efficient and minimalist design. Their handcrafted assembly allows to maintain the expected standards in the luxury watch industry: durability, quality, precision and liability.

This is why in AG Lux Safes we decided to work hard from the very beginning to obtain the best watch winders. AG.ww. All our products, from the metal cabinets to the biggest safes, have been thought and designed to be complemented with our watch winders or other ones (check) if the customer already has them. So we obtain an integrated product for the most demanding and punctilious high-end collectors.