The perfect fusion between practicality, safety and design

From Armando-G we would love to present our luxury watch and jewelry safes from the Gladior series, where you can protect your collection of automatic watches, jewelry and other valuables, in an aesthetic, safe and functional way. We are talking about unique safes, made entirely by hand, with passion, care and a high degree of personalization.

Our luxury safe
gladior the luxury watch safes

Luxury watch safes: features of the Gladior series

Its interior is lined with a black velvet type. Some of its most notable details are found in its long list of configurations available for its modules, always to be chosen according to your needs or personal tastes. On the other hand, the great functionality offered by its removable door opening system, with the placement of up to 80 SwissKubiK automatic watch winders or others winder brands, will make you forget about maintenance tasks. It is also worth noting its automatic closure and controlled by fingerprint, which adds a plus of security to the entire system.

Moreover, its exterior finishes can be painted in different colors, lacquered or covered with leather. In addition, we offer you the option of making your door transparent, so that you can see all the pieces of your collection from the outside of your luxury safe.

Jewelry safes

Our job is to manufacture exclusive safes of the highest quality and tailor-made for each of our clients. We guarantee that yours will be unique in the world and that it will meet all your expectations.

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